ATOM Crypto Price Recovery as Crypto Struggles Higher

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ATOM Crypto Price Increases

The ATOM crypto price has increased by 25% to $27 since the end of August. The launch of the Emeris DeFi firewall interface and integration with the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol has both boosted ATOM’s price. The launch of Emeris triggered trade transactions between Ethereum and Cosmos networks. The integration with Sifchain, a decentralized exchange, also helped push ATOM’s price up. Emeris is the latest addition to the Cosmos ecosystem, enabling users to trade between these two networks.

Cosmos (ATOM) is a cryptocurrency

The Cosmos (ATOM) cryptocurrency is a programmable digital asset, which is used for all marketplace transactions. This currency provides global expansion, a wide network of users, and continuous upgrades. Users are able to send and receive payments in the currency of their choice, and the system takes care of the conversion through atomic swaps. As such, Cosmos (ATOM) prices tend to fluctuate greatly.

It powers an ecosystem of blockchains

With a limited supply and deflationary prices, the ATOM crypto price is currently a bargain. The price may be even higher when upcoming updates to the Cosmos network are released. The Cosmos ecosystem is one of the most sustainable and reliable networks in the crypto market, addressing scalability and staking concerns while offering developers sovereignty. As a medium for co-working and community support, Cosmos offers a variety of uses and potential benefits, but it is still unclear how it will develop and grow in the future.

It uses a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm

Atom uses a proof-of-staking consensus algorithm that allows users to stake the coins and earn incentives for validating transactions. Atoms are distributed to transaction validations and delegates as rewards for their work. The company, Interchain Foundation, held a successful two-week ICO in 2017 to raise more than $16 million for the project. The project received individual contributions totaling 5% of its funding goal as well as pre-funding commitments and strategic partnerships totaling $1,329,472 in funding.

It is a staking token

There are several factors affecting the price of the ATOM coin. Because it is a new coin, its price is likely to fluctuate over time. Further growth is likely as more blockchains connect to the Cosmos network, but this process could take a long time. The Cosmos crypto protocol will allow multiple blockchains to connect to one another, giving cryptocurrency holders more options. Among these is the ATOM coin, which is used for network transactions.

It is programmable

As a token, Atom’s value will depend on the market demand for it. If it continues to fall, the market will be forced to re-price itself. But there are other ways to invest in ATOM, including airdrops. The staking model gives contributors the option to participate in the project without the need to invest their computing power. But staking isn’t risk-free for average users. At the same time, a staked ATOM can be slashed by a validated and cannot be recovered. And if a validator spends a long time signing two blocks, then they are subject to staking.

It is listed on Coinmarketcap

On May 1, 2018, the price of ATOM crossed the $818 million mark, surpassing its rival IOTA. The coin has recently gained considerable popularity following its partnership with Jaguar. While its price is currently listed at $68, it may fall to $43 if the network does not execute its plan. By the end of 2022, the average price of Cosmos would be $56. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency appears to have missed Coinmarketcap’s market cap.

It is expected to reach $1500 by 2026

The ATOM crypto price is set to continue rising as the project develops. The price is predicted to reach $44 by 2023 and continue to rise to new highs through 2026. By then, it will reach $126 and then hit $800 again. This is an 80% ROI if you decide to buy now. Despite its high price, investors should bear in mind that there are risks involved.