Data now confirms that Bitcoin (BTC), is the best-performing cryptocurrency of 2021.

BTC outperforms macro assets globally to secure year-to-date returns just below 50%, with October delivering 15% gains in five days.

Bitcoin gains 49% in the year to-date

Despite Bitcoin’s wild ride through the year, the downside has not gripped the market with a 60% retracement since highs in May all but annulled.

According to figures this week, the largest cryptocurrency is at least 13% ahead in commodities for the year and 17% ahead in United States micro-cap firms.

BTC hodlers have a better picture than other investors. For example, European stocks are only up 10.3% year to date this week.

“After the strong Q3 performance, Bitcoin is now up +49.1% Year-to-date,” @Bitcoin’s Twitter account commented on data from NYDIG.

“The best performing asset class of 2021.”

Asset year-to-date returns annotated chart. Source: Bitcoin/Twitter

Altcoins keep the surprises coming

As Cointelegraph reported, September has historically been a conversely unimpressive month for Bitcoin, while October sees the opposite effect.

With stocks themselves forecast to enjoy “above average” returns this month, hopes are high for a strong finish for Q4 after September’s performance.

Beyond macro, however, there remain individual success stories that beat Bitcoin in terms of raw returns. These focus on altcoins, some of which have seen freak gains within a short period.

Solana (SOL), one of the best-known examples, began 2021 at around $1.60, subsequently hitting all-time highs of over $215.

SOL/USD 1-week candle chart (FTX). Source: TradingView