Cosmos Atom Conferences USA & Europe | New York Event Attracts Investors for 2022

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Cosmos Atom Roadshow Conferences USA & Europe | New York Event Attracts Crypto Investors for 2022.Cosmos has been spreading word from Los Angeles to Lisbon over the past weeks. It has been a busy time for us this fall with many teams from the Cosmos ecosystem participating in conferences and events both online and in person. It was so much fun to finally meet face-to-face with many of the core Cosmos contributors after so long. There were also lots of exciting announcements and news. Here’s a brief recap of highlights from the event, in case you missed it.

Messari Mainnet 2021, New York

Messari Mainnet 2021 was back in New York with more than 2,000 people attending from September 20 to Sept 22. ICF/Cosmos Hub Lead Billy Rennekamp hosted an informative panel on The Future Cosmos.

Guests were also treated with a lively discussion, The Multi-Chain future is here, featuring Tegan Kline, Do Kwan, from Terraform Labs, Tess Rinearson, from ICF, and Tegan Kline, from Edge & Node. The discussion was moderated by Messari’s Ryan Selkis. If you haven’t yet, don’t miss this informative talk.

NFT NYC, New York

Also taking place in New York from Nov 1 to Nov 4 was the leading annual NFT event NFT NYC, hosting more than 5,500 people. With such an explosion of interest surrounding NFTs right now, it’s not surprising that attendance at this awesome gathering surpassed all expectations.

On stage once again was Billy Rennekamp discussing Interoperability for NFT Platforms and Use Cases along with Injective’s Eric Chen, LUKSO’s Fabian Vogelsteller, and Blockparty’s Vladislav Ginzburg. There’s plenty to get your teeth into here, so check it out!

Also present at NFT NYC was Pylons CEO, Michael Sofaer. He gave a not-to-be-missed keynote on the use of State Machines for NFT Scalability, which you can watch below:

LA Blockchain Summit — Building the Internet of Blockchains

From Nov 2 to Nov 4, Cosmos had a booth and several hours of interactive content at the virtual LA Blockchain Summit. We provided hands-on tutorials like how to create modules with the Cosmos SDK, as well as interactive sessions on how to become an open-source contributor. While, of course, everyone is hoping that this major event in the crypto calendar is back in person next year, the online summit didn’t disappoint, with lively talks, invaluable insights, and deep discussions and debates.

Tendermint CEO, Peng Zhong, and Head of Developer Experience, Denis Fadeev, also delivered powerful keynotes diving into the Cosmos ecosystem and sharing a demo of Starport, our all-in-one platform to build, launch, and maintain any crypto application on a sovereign blockchain. If you weren’t able to catch the event online, check out the video footage below:

Cosmoverse, Lisbon, Uniting the Cosmos Community

With more than 700 attendees, Cosmoverse, Lisbon, on Nov 5 and 6, was a powerful sign that the Cosmos community is thriving. Indeed, this overwhelmingly successful event was organized by Cosmos community members with a special initiative taken by long-time Cosmos supporter and YouTube influencer Cryptocito. What an excellent job!

We were treated with two days of jam-packed content delivered by teams and contributors from all around the Cosmos ecosystem, including an entertaining-as-always talk by Osmosis co-founder Sunny Aggarwal, in which he revealed the next exciting feature coming to Osmosis — Superfluid Staking.

We also heard from the charismatic Abhitej Singh, Head of Marketing and Strategy at Persistence, who explained more about the impressive work being carried out by Persistence to further its vast ecosystem of advanced Web3 products, including its brand-new Liquid Staking feature.

Cosmos Hub Lead Billy Rennekamp took a flight over the pond to give an exciting talk revealing more about the next upgrade coming to the Cosmos Hub, Interchain Security. Interchain Security is the Cosmos solution to shared security and is coming as soon as Q1, 2022.

The Graph made an exciting announcement as well. Figment’s core development team is integrating The Graph with the Cosmos ecosystem! The Cosmos vision is to break down the barriers between blockchains by connecting apps and services and allowing them to communicate with each other in a decentralized way. This integration will allow for the indexing and querying of Cosmos ecosystem data in a completely decentralized way powered by The Graph.

Tendermint’s VP of Engineering Alessio Treglia delivered a keynote highlighting the latest to come out of Tendermint and its ongoing commitment to growing the Cosmos ecosystem. Among some of the latest initiatives are farming incentives and liquid staking coming soon to Gravity DEX, and the official Cosmos Con coming up in 2022. Watch this space for more details!

If you missed out on Cosmoverse and were unable to catch the live stream, you can watch all the individual talks and presentations from day one and day two. For anyone interested in the growing Cosmos ecosystem and all the exciting projects building in it, we highly recommend that you take the time to watch these fascinating talks.

HackAtom VI

The biggest HackAtom in the history of Cosmos, HackAtom VI, started in style with a pre-hackathon warm-up event in Berlin on Oct 29 and the official opening ceremony in Lisbon on Nov 11. Both events were filled with useful information for hackathon participants and hands-on workshops from Blockchain gaming with the Cosmos SDK and Starport to coding sessions and overviews of the Cosmos ecosystem.

At the Official Opening Ceremony in Lisbon, Tendermint’s Peng Zhong gave an opening keynote talking about growing the Cosmos ecosystem and the importance of the hackathon, and Director of Marketing and Community, Adriana Mihai, gave a detailed explanation of the hackathon rules and requirements as well as what participants can expect and where they can find material.

We also had invaluable input from our amazing HackAtom VI sponsors and dedicated keynotes and workshops from Starport, Pylons, Osmosis, Interchain Foundation (ICF), and ixo Foundation. You can watch the Lisbon opening event here, and find all the workshops recorded for you to view at any time, here.

Also, don’t forget that you can still sign up to register as a hackathon participant at any time until Dec 8 to be in with a chance of winning more than $1 million of prizes in ATOM.

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