Investment Firm Offers Smart Portfolio Focused on Metaverse Companies

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 New investment opportunities are being created by growing confidence in metaverse markets.

eToro rolls out smart portfolios for new metaverse investors


MetaverseLife was introduced Tuesday by eToro, a broker that offers smart portfolios covering stocks and crypto-assets within the metaverse. According to the company, its goal is offer long-term exposure through a variety of investments.

Meta Platforms, which is the parent company of Facebook, Roblox, and other blockchain-based metaverse developments such as The Sandbox, Enjin, and Decentraland are currently included in the portfolio.

This portfolio also includes companies that aren’t entirely blockchain-based, but have contributed to metaverse development and adoption. These tech companies include Nvidia, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Dani Brinker is head of investment portfolios at eToro. He stated that diversification is important when evaluating emerging industries. As the metaverse industry grows, he suggested that investors could benefit from a central portfolio in order to lower the barrier of entry. Brinker explained:

“By packaging up a selection of assets in a portfolio, we’re doing the heavy lifting and enabling our customers to gain exposure to the metaverse and spread the risk across a variety of assets.”

According to Bloomberg’s analytics, the metaverse could become an $800 billion market by 2024. The company said that it is putting a majority of its resources into developing assets that will be used to support investors’ interests in these projects. So far, these resources have gone towards listing The Sandbox (SAND) as an asset on the platform as well as plans for future land purchases.

Tomer Niv, the director of Global Crypto Solutions at eToro, said:

“eToro is a crypto pioneer with an established track record of embracing new technologies for the benefit of retail investors. We are excited by the opportunities offered by the metaverse.”

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