Reddit Picks for 10 Best Crypto Buys to Survive the Crypto Crash

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Bitcoin has crashed from nearly $70,000 to under $30,000. Ethereum has crashed from over $4,800 to under $2,500. Litecoin has crashed from $275 to under $75. And Ripple has crashed from $1.40 to under $0.40.

This is not just another crypto crash story. It’s a story of survival. In fact, these cryptocurrencies will bounce back stronger than ever before. But only if you buy the right ones.

I’ve done an extensive research to find the best cryptos to survive the next crypto crash. These picks may help you ride out the storm and make sure you get rich again.

Reddit is the most popular message board and forum on the web and has quickly become the most popular online platform for advice on investing as well as cryptocurrency-related discussions. People from all over the world share price predictions for their top cryptocurrency. With the huge fan base of many crypto project conversations on Reddit, subreddits could be a great source of information. It can also provide clues as to the cryptos that are most likely to go up in value.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top cryptos available today on Reddit in light of recent trends and chatter on Redditors. Also, we’ll examine the most popular Reddit crypto sub-groups and groups as well as what you can do to get into crypto using minimal trading costs.

Before you decide to purchase cryptocurrency it is essential to find out which crypto-assets have the greatest potential for growth. Below is a list of the top cryptos to purchase currently, according to our Reddit review.

  1.  Lucky Block (LBLOCK) Overall the best cryptocurrency to buy Reddit Wise – the most popular  
  2.  DeFi Coin (DEFC) Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in the DeFi Sector  
  3.   Polkadot (DOT) (DOT) – Exciting Protocol for Interoperability with Future Perspectives  
  4.  Bitcoin (BTC) (BTC) –Leading cryptocurrency that can be traded at a discounted rate  
  5.  APY.Finance (APY) (APY)Best cheap crypto to buy on Reddit  
  6.   the Ripple (XRP)  Ripple (XRP). Popular Crypto Project with Massive backing from Reddit  
  7.  Ethereum (ETH) (ETH) is -Well-Known Blockchain network that has a myriad of use cases  
  8.   Avalanche (AVAX) Avalanche (AVAX). Best cryptocurrency to buy on Reddit to Scalability  
  9.  Shiba Inu (SHIB) –‘ Meme Coin With Enormous Community Support  
  10.   Internet Computer (ICP) — Compelling Crypto Protocol for Decentralized Cloud Computing  

Cryptoassets represent an unstable, unregulated asset product that is an investment.

 A More In-depth Look at the Best Cryptos to invest in on Reddit  

The ten mentioned above represent the most desirable crypto to purchase today on Reddit because of their strong team of developers and strong potential for growth. Let’s take a look and talk about each one of these projects separately making sure you have all the necessary information for a well-informed choice:

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is overall the best cryptocurrency to buy right Today on Reddit

Our choice for the most reliable cryptocurrency to purchase now on Reddit can be the Lucky Block. Lucky Block is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency-gaming platform that aims to transform the way that people play jackpot games and win cash prizes.

Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Lucky Block allows users to purchase tickets as well as participate in daily prize draws with jackpots distributed through the LBLOCK. According to Q1 2022’s Coindicators, this Lucky Block subreddit on was the most popular crypto Reddit subreddit that had the most number. of new subscribers per day during its 65x bull run, which lasted to less than one cent.

LBLOCK is Lucky Block’s primary BEP-20 token. It was launched with a price of $0.00020 at PancakeSwap on January 20, 2022. The token generated quadruple-digit returns within its first couple of weeks on the market prior to the momentum began to slow down after February’s record-breaking highest price. With LBLOCK trades at a discounted price, it’s possible to put forward that it may be among the most undervalued cryptos currently available.

Its Lucky Block subreddit has 6,000 members engaged in discussions about the cryptocurrency’s price and the future outlook. There are also 46,000 subscribers of the Lucky Block Telegram community which shows how much support this project is huge.

Lucky Block’s prize draw is scheduled to begin in May 2022. This allows users to purchase tickets through the LBLOCK. Tickets cost $5, but those that connect their accounts to the site every day will be able to get free tickets to the drawing. Additionally, those who keep LBLOCK inside their bank accounts will be rewarded as distributions from the jackpot pool. estimates of yields as high as 19% annually.

Overall, the future of this project is very positive, and with the Lucky Block NFTs already being a major player in the field of digital assets. With plans to integrate metaverse technology and crypto education platforms and major charitable events coming up this could be the perfect time to think about adding LBLOCK to your portfolio.

Cryptoassets can be described as an unstable, unregulated financial products for investment.

 2. The DeFi Coin (DEFC) The Best cryptocurrency to buy from Reddit in the DeFi Sector  

DEFC logo

Another alternative to consider for the most reliable cryptocurrency to invest in Reddit can be the DeFi Coin currently trading for $0.30 between $0.30 and $0.40 through Pancakeswap as well as Bitmart.

The DeFi Coin is the primary token for the DeFi Swap which is a decentralized exchange (DEX) located by the Binance Smart Chain. While DeFi Coin was initially launched in May 2021, the cryptocurrency has been in a rough spot because of delays in its development. After DeFi Swap’s debut in May, The cost of DEFC was up by 300% within the span of a few hours.

One of the top DeFi trading platforms, DeFi Swap allows users to trade stakes, swap, and earn interest through the process of yield-farming. Because DEFC is closely linked to the Swap ecosystem and is closely tied to the Swap network, this currency naturally reaps the benefits of the expansion in the popularity of this exchange. This can be seen in the increase in prices after the launch of DeFi Swap and suggests more bullish growth in the event that V2 and V3 of the platform are launched in the near future.

DeFi Coin also has numerous advantages as an owner, including the possibility of generating an income stream that is passive simply by holding the coin. Because a tax of 10% is charged on buy and sale orders DEFC owners can earn regular income via part of the accrued tax. DEFC is also equipped with a burn mechanism that can be manually controlled to ensure that the coin is not deflationary, which can lead to prices rising over a long time.

In light of the recent price hikes due to the recent price hikes, it is no wonder that the defi Coin Subreddit has already risen to 5500 members, with more joining the DeFi Swap’s Telegram group. If we look ahead, DEFC seems likely to be a viable option due to its connection to the fascinating world of DeFi which makes it an excellent opportunity to get exposure to the booming industry.

 Cryptoassets can be described as a very unstable, unregulated financial product for investment.  

 3. Polkadot (DOT) A The most promising Interoperability Protocol that has long-term Perspectives  

If you’re in search of the top cryptocurrency on Reddit to have a long-term future If so, Polkadot is a fascinating opportunity. Polkadot is among the most popular altcoins in terms of solving the interoperability issue that has been a problem for blockchain networks for a long time. Since it is a multi-chain system, Polkadot allows individual networks to share data – which dramatically improves the scalability of the network.

It is important to note that Polkadot is still allowing the chain’s owner(s) to manage it in the manner they choose which allows them to profit from increased efficiency while maintaining the autonomy. This is because the Polkadot protocol native token DOT is a key component to the community since it is used to vote as well as for taking stakes. With growing numbers of developers wanting to build dApps with greater power, Polkadot could have a promising future ahead of it.

 Cryptoassets are extremely volatile, unregulated investment products.  

4. Bitcoin (BTC) is a leading cryptocurrency that can be traded at a Discount

BTC logo

Bitcoin does not require an introduction as it’s the largest cryptocurrency in the world according to market capitalization as per CoinMarketCap. While the value of BTC has been volatile over the last few times, its core usage cases remain strong. More than 15,000 companies around the world now are accepting Bitcoin as a method to pay with over 14,000 Bitcoin ATMs in operation.

These numbers highlight the vast global reach that BTC has all over the world which will only keep increasing in the coming years. Bitcoin has a huge following on Reddit as well, with Reddit’s Bitcoin subreddit having over 4 million users. A majority of discussions on this subreddit have been positive even in the midst of a significant decline, with many Redditors stating that this is an excellent moment to buy BTC when it’s trading at a bargain.

 Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment product that is not regulated.  

5. APY.Finance (APY) It was ranked as the cheapest cryptocurrency to buy on Reddit Forum

APY.Finance logo

APY.Finance is a new offering in the market and can be considered to be among the best penny-based cryptocurrency. Simply put, APY.Finance is a yield farming system that allows users to get the best rates from different DeFi platforms. This entire procedure is automated, with APY.Finance routing your money to the source that offers the most competitive rates at the lowest risk.

APY.Finance’s native cryptocurrency, APY, plays an essential part in the governance of the protocol since holders are able to decide on risk levels as well as profit distribution strategies. The token is also used to signify any deposit made to the liquidity pool of the protocol although it is also a great token for use in speculation. Even though APY.Finance hasn’t received a significant base of support but it’s been discussed numerous times on the r/DeFi which suggests the future of this token.

 Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment product that is not regulated.  

6. Ripple (XRP) is a well-known Crypto Project with an astronomical backing from Reddit

XRP logoMany investors consider Ripple is the most secure cryptocurrency that they can invest their money in due to its potential to transform the way that payment across borders is made. As you might already know, Ripple is the name of the company that runs RippleNet – a network that is decentralized that allows businesses and individuals to pay for low-cost transactions almost instantaneously.

This is quite different from the old SWIFT network that the majority of banks use today this means that transactions could take up to three business days to be received. XRP is the currency that runs RippleNet which facilitates transactions as a  bridge between currencies. While Ripple has faced a difficult period lately due to an ongoing legal battle with the SEC and the SEC, speculation is increasing that the litigation has been a lot more successful than originally thought and has led some Reddit users to suggest that XRP may be in the position of experiencing an impressive price increase.

 Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment product that is not regulated.  

7. Ethereum (ETH) is the Best Blockchain Network with Countless Use Experiments

ETH logoAnother alternative to the best cryptocurrency to buy today through Reddit is Ethereum. A lot of users are buying Ethereum because of its many uses including smart contracts, dApps, and NFTs. In contrast to Bitcoin, Ethereum isn’t used to transfer money but instead focuses on providing a platform for developers to build decentralized software in a variety of sectors.

A large portion of the debate on Reddit concerning Ethereum is due to the high GAS fees that have hindered NFT trading. The fees are correlated to the degree that which the network is experiencing transactions, so the more congested the network is and the more expensive the fees. However, there is a subreddit for Ethereum. Ethereum subreddit is a hot topic with threads popping up frequently that talk about the imminent switch to Ethereum 2.0 that is likely to increase the scalability of transactions and cut down on costs.

 Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment product that is not regulated.  

8. Avalanche (AVAX) The Best Crypto to Purchase on Reddit to Scalability

Avalanche logoAs described according to Binance Academy, Avalanche is a smart contract platform that consists of three distinct networks namely The Exchange Chain, the Contract Chain, and the Platform Chain. With three chains instead of three, Avalanche can use certain chains for certain tasks. This results in a much higher capacity while maintaining speed and decentralization.

Because of this, Avalanche remains a significant rival to Ethereum but isn’t yet of the same popularity. Avalanche’s native token, AVAX, has obtained impressive popularity on social networks and has a subreddit dedicated to discussing AVAX’s uses and the price’s trajectory. The fact that the cost of AVAX increased by more than 1,400% during the second quarter of 2021, this cryptocurrency has unquestionable potential once the crypto market starts picking back up.

 Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment product that is not regulated.  

9. Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shiba Inu (SHIB) “Meme Coin” with Enormous Community Support

Shiba Inu logoShiba Inu has been regarded as among the most popular meme coins in 2021, taking advantage of the popularity that Dogecoin enjoyed. As you can imagine, Shiba Inu was able to gain large popularity on social media and remains to this day. As evidenced by the Shiba Inu r/SHIBArmy subreddit which boasts more than 470,000 users.

In this subreddit, people talk about Shiba Inu’s issues in a fun and humorous way. However, the majority of threads are focused on the fundamentals of the currency and its uses that are crucial to its continued success. One of the biggest changes in the Shiba Inu lately is the introduction of the ‘ShibaSwap’ decentralized exchange that offers the possibility of swapping tokens, staking, and even an NFT marketplace.

 Cryptoassets are extremely volatile, unregulated investment products.  

10. Internet Computer (ICP) – A powerful Crypto Protocol for Decentralized Cloud Computing

Internet Computer logoConsidered one of the most popular cryptos available currently on Reddit can be Internet Computer. Internet Computer is a relatively complex protocol that is designed to make cloud computing more decentralized and offer a viable alternative to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Therefore, instead of being managed by a central entity such as Amazon or Microsoft cloud computing, the infrastructure would be controlled through a multitude of computer systems around the world.

The native token of the protocol, ICP, can be used to cast votes on governance plans and to pay for network charges. But, ICP is also utilized for speculation and speculation, including Reddit users buying the token to get exposure to the development of Internet Computers. With the increasing number of old systems being decentralized in the future, this will surely benefit Internet Computers – meaning ICP may have a promising development ahead.

 Cryptoassets are highly volatile investment product that is not regulated.  

 The Best Reddit Crypto Groups  

If you’re looking for the top cryptocurrency on Reddit is an excellent idea to learn the subreddits worth checking out and which ones you should not use. To make it easier we’ve conducted the necessary study and narrowed it down to our five top Reddit crypto groups. All of which are discussed in the following sections:


The best subreddit for those trying for a place to put money into cryptocurrency is the r/Cryptocurrency. The Reddit community is home to 4.8 million members as of this writing and was founded in 2013. In r/Cryptocurrency, members from all levels of experience can discuss any cryptocurrency project that they are interested in, and the ‘Wiki’ feature provides key information to remember.

The greatest thing about r/Cryptocurrency is that it can filter posts by what you’re searching for. For instance, you can filter the posts by the categories of ‘General News”, “Strategy” Discussion, ‘Advice as well as other categories. There’s even a “Daily Discussion thread, in which you can talk about current events in the cryptocurrency market.


The name itself suggests that r/Bitcoin is a great Reddit group for those trying to purchase Bitcoin or talk about its current direction. R/Bitcoin is home to 4.2 million members, and it is also the oldest subreddit on our list, being created in the year 2010. Like r/Cryptocurrency’s feeds, r/ is devoted to talking about Bitcoin Other projects should be reserved for other groups.

The Reddit group provides a variety of valuable tools, such as an introduction to the field and a Wiki, all aiding beginners to understand the cryptocurrency. There’s also a list of helpful podcasts to listen to as well as a “Bitcoin Chat’ feature that provides actual-time updates. In addition, r/Bitcoin offers an ‘Everyday Discussion thread for users to discuss Bitcoin’s current direction.


The subreddit r/Binance has been created to discuss issues that relate to Binance, one of the most popular currency exchanges. This is why a large portion of the discussion focuses on the latest products or markets that Binance has provided and any other regulatory issues that could arise in particular countries.

A dedicated “Binance Support Thread’ where users are able to ask questions and receive help from their community. It’s a Reddit group that also provides the links to download Binance’s desktop applications as well as hyperlinks to all that comprise the Binance ecosystem as well as the social media platforms. Additionally, this subreddit discusses specific projects that are listed on Binance however the posts aren’t as frequent as other subreddits.


The subreddit r/DeFi is focused on discussing the most effective DeFi coin as well as protocols that are drawing interest from the market. The group has just under 100,000 members and is likely to include issues that are more complicated in their nature. Discussions focus on all aspects related to the decentralized financial (DeFi) industry, which includes DEXs tokens, tokens, as well as regulation.

The r/DeFi community has a weekly thread of discussion where users can talk about the most recent DeFi projects. There’s also a “DYOR Databank’ that is packed with fantastic tools for conducting research into particular projects. However, it’s important to remember that r/DeFi isn’t getting the same amount of interaction as the other groups listed and many of the posts receive only a tiny number of responses.


Rounding off our list of the best Reddit crypto groups is r/WallStreetBetsCrypto. If you’ve made the decision to purchase GameStop stocks at the end of 2021 the name “WallStreetBets” will probably be familiar to you, since this subreddit based on stocks was a huge contributor to the stock market’s slump. However, r/WallStreetBetsCrypto is an iteration of this group, focused solely on cryptocurrency.

As expected, r/WallStreetBetsCrypto has a ‘unique’ vibe, filled with retail traders who take a no-frills approach to trading. A large portion of the discussions is about the top low cap crypto gems and Redditors are happy to take on huge risks in exchange for the hope of gaining huge returns. While many of the threads are humorous there are some that provide a thorough analysis of the penny cryptocurrency.

 Where can I buy the Top Cryptos?  

Now now that you’ve figured out what the best cryptocurrency to invest in via Reddit is and what it is, let’s move on to the process of purchasing. As mentioned previously, Lucky Block and DeFi Coin are among the most discussed tokens on Reddit but they cannot be bought through central exchanges. If you want to purchase Lucky Block or DeFi Coin, however, you’ll need to make use of a DEX similar to PancakeSwap.

If you’re interested in one of the other cryptos listed We recommend that you partner with the highly-regulated broker the eToro. eToro is among the largest online trading platforms and has more than 24 million users registered. The platform is subject to strict regulation and has been given supervision by authorities like the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, FinCEN, and FINRA.

One of the most appealing attributes is its clear fee structure. When you sell or buy crypto, eToro charges a flat 1percent fee (plus any spread). In addition, eToro lets positions open as low as $10, which is great for people who are looking to begin with a small amount. Because eToro has over 60 different cryptocurrencies to trade, it makes the entire process user-friendly.

eToro does not charge a deposit or monthly subscription charges, with the minimum deposit requirement at just $10. It is easy to add funds to your account by using a credit or debit card, electronic wallet, or bank transfer. Regarding these, eToro has full support for PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller All of which allow immediate withdrawals.

Additionally, eToro also boasts an excellent reputation for cryptocurrency trading on social networks which is achieved by the ‘CopyTrader’ feature. This feature lets you immediately copy trades made by the successful eToro traders without extra charges. This ultimately streamlines the process of trading and could be a great method for novice traders to earn an income while still studying the intricacies of the market.

 Cryptoassets are highly volatile, unregulated investments. There isn’t any UK or EU protection for investors.  

 The best cryptocurrency to buy Today on Reddit – – Conclusion  

In short, this article, provides an in-depth look at some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in on Reddit and reviews the most popular projects, and demonstrates how to start investing in crypto today. Reddit remains an excellent resource for both novice and experienced traders alike and is a fantastic method to monitor the cryptos you’re looking at.

But, Lucky Block remains our first choice in the crypto market due to its revolutionary cryptocurrency gaming features and its huge potential value. With its first prize draw scheduled to start within the next few days, LBLOCK is certainly worth taking into consideration as a potential addition in your investment portfolio.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, here are ten of the most promising cryptos to buy right now. They have strong fundamentals, solid teams behind them, and are poised to take off soon.