Vega Upgrade Released on Road to Cosmos Hub 2.0 | Validators Needed!

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Vega Upgrade has Been Released on The Road to Cosmos Hub 2.0 | Validators Needed!

We are making significant progress towards roadmap 2.0 for Cosmos Hub as the Cosmos ecosystem expands. We are now testing the Vega upgrade and need all validators, node operators and other participants.

The testnet is a snapshot from the current Cosmos Hub. It includes key modifications to ensure Vega’s stable release. This includes delegating most of the voting power nodes managed by the Cosmos Hub team.

What is the Vega Upgrade?

The full details about the Vega upgrade are here. However, it includes several versioning updates to protect the Cosmos Hub’s core components, such as Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core. These updates will help to prevent consensus errors and increase efficiency via features such as fee and voting delegation. The Vega upgrade will improve the performance of Cosmos Hub and make it possible for future upgrades to occur seamlessly.

Vega is now the second major upgrade to the Cosmos Hub 2.0 roadmap. The Delta upgrade was completed in July 2021. It brought the Gravity DEX protocol into the Cosmos Hub. This allows cross-chain token swaps, and drives liquidity among other benefits.

The Vega upgrade brings two new modules to the Cosmos SDK, therefore to the Cosmos Hub: the Fee grant module that will allow paying fees on behalf of another account, and the Authz module, which will provide governance functions to execute transactions on behalf of another account. Other additions include improved versioning of both IBC and Tendermint Core and adding the IBC router to the Hub, as per governance proposal 56, proposed by StrangeLove Ventures.

Cosmos Hub validators: Join the Vega Testnet

On the Vega testnet (full details of how to join can be found here), you can choose to either re-use your current keys to participate or request new token allocations that can be self-delegated to a new validator operator key. Please request tokens in the #validators-verified channel of the Cosmos Developer Discord and use Cosmovisor to automate the update with the auto-download feature so that the upgrade happens completely automatically. Also, please use this channel to post any further questions you may have.

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